About the company

About the company

As a Senior Advisor, I take point of departure in the practical handling of the large complex tax projects and activities within management and employee development that I have been involved in over the years.

Among other things, I have been responsible for the development and implementation of tax strategies at Novo Nordisk, TDC, RealDanmark and others, where I have ensured strategy realization. I have also been responsible for handling the cooperation with the tax authorities both in Denmark and around the world. I therefore know how important respectful constructive dialogue is if disagreements are to be resolved and businesses can move forward well.

The fact that I have been down in the “engine room” means that I have concrete knowledge of what works and what does not work – knowledge I make available to my customers in my experience based advice.

Long-standing cooperation with the Confederation of Danish Industry, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, politicians, authorities and companies has paved the way for positions of trust and the opportunity to influence the work with tax in both the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Chamber of Commerce, the Danish branch of International Fiscal Association, Copenhagen Business School, etc.

Responsible tax, communication about tax, supplier selection, etc. can be difficult elements to get started, get structured and organized. I have tried it all and look forward to supporting your company in solving the tax challenges, so that tax in the future can contribute to your company’s value creation and become an area that is exceptionally well under control!

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